Ben’s POV

Carson has added you, Bree, Karlee, Parker, and Soph

Carson: ello lads and lassies! how r u doing this fine evening?

Soph: what…..

Bree: whats going on?

Carson: Ben and I r hosting a sleepover and everyone in this group MUST be there

Me: and when did Ben agree to this?

Carson: last night

Me: when?

Carson: we were in ur room. u were on Tumblr or ao3 or something. i said ‘we should have a sleepover with our friends’ and u said ok

Parker: Carson, no. u cant talk to Ben when he’s on tumblr, ao3, or wattpad. he pretends to listen 

Carson: …oh

Me: if u really wanna do it…..fine i guess

Carson: YAY! Unless u have a good reason, u must be there. it is tonight at 5

Bree: Karlee and I will be there

Soph: sure

Parker: i am already here so i dont really have a choice

Carson: perfect

“I’m gonna go get drinks. What do you want?” I ask.

“Pepsi” Parker says. I go to the kitchen and get 2 glasses down.

“Hey, Benji” Zoey says going over to the pantry.

“Hey, Zo” I say.

“Parker here?” she asks looking at the second glass.


“How did you tell him you like him?”

“I didn’t….”

“Then how did he know?”

“We were watching something and he kissed me”

“So I just have to kiss Joey?”

“Parkers brother?”

“Yes. I’ve told you about this many times, do you ever listen?”

“Sometimes and no, you should not kiss Joey”


“You both are tiny little children”

“I’m 9!”


“I’ve been told I’m very mature for my age”

“They lied. Up until a few months ago you acted like you were 5”

“How old do I act now?”

“Most times you act your age but sometimes you act a little more mature”

“Oh ok”

“Zo? Don’t try to grow up so fast ok? It’s not always as fun as it seems. I thought it would be easy but…do you remember Tomas?”


“He treated me like dad. Sometimes worse”

“But dad was mean and he hurt you. Tomas loved you”

“No, he didn’t. He wanted to use me for his own selfish uses”

“Oh. Did he go to jail like dad?”

“No, he moved back to wherever he came from”

“Does Parker treat you like that?”

“No, never! He actually loves me”

“But how would you know if you couldn’t tell with Tomas?”

“Parker keeps me out of harms way. Tomas would let me walk into poles when I wasn’t paying attention, Parker pulls me out of the way. Tomas would tell me to shut up when I told a joke, Parker laughs even if isn’t funny. Tomas told me that I was worthless, Parker makes me feel like I could rule the world”

“Are you gonna marry him?”

“Not for a few years but I hope so”


“I gotta get back to Parker. See you later”

“Ok. Oh, by the way, mom is taking all of us to the movies Sunday” she says. I freeze when I hear what she calls her.

“Wh-what did you say?” I ask.

“We’re going to the movies?”

“Before that”

“Mom is taking us?”

“Mom is dead”

“You know who I’m talking about”

“No, actually, I don’t. Peggy is not our mom”

“Yes, she is”

“No she isn’t! Our mom is Rachel Marie Hills, she died when I was 13 and you were 6. Peggy is Carson’s mom”

“She’s ours too! I barely even remember Rachel, Ben! I know she was sweet and kind and had brown hair. That’s all I know. Peggy is our mom now”

“Don’t call her Rachel, Zoey. She is our mom”

“Was. She was our mom”

“Oh my God! For the last fucking time, Zo! Peggy, is not our mother! She isn’t yours and she’s not mine! You need to grow up! Mom isn’t coming back and you can’t replace her! Stop being such a fucking baby for once in your damn life! Can’t you just get over the fact that we will never have a mom?!” I yell. 

“How am I a baby for finally being able to say that I have a mom and a dad after years of not having one?!”

“What I have been for the past 3 years then?! I’ve been so much more than a brother”

“We have a mom now! Just accept it!”

“She isn’t our mom!”

“Hey, Ben, newsflash! Mom is dead. She isn’t coming back. She was murdered because she didn’t know how to keep her mouth shut!”

“Don’t! She was brave for what she did!”

“No, she was selfish. Peggy isn’t like that. She’s not gonna go get herself killed when she has kids waiting for her. Peggy is going to so much better of a mother than Rachel ever was”

“Take that back”

“No, it’s true”

“Take. It. Back”

“Ben, it’s not like she’s here to hear it. I can say what I want about the mother I never had”

“You had her for 6 years! What the hell are you talking about?”

“You said that our mom is dead. When are you gonna believe it?” she says and storms out of the room. I turn around and see Peggy, Carson, and Parker.

“Ben-” Parker starts.

“How long have you been there?” I ask.

“Since you started yelling” he says.

“Look, Peggy, I appreciate everything you’ve done for us. I really do” I say.

“I know, honey” she says offering a small smile.

“I’ll go talk to her” Carson says and follows Zoey.

“Lets go back to your room” Parker says quietly, putting his arm around my shoulders. I pick up the drinks and follow him back to my room. 

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