20.Tangled Threads

20.Tangled Threads

“Where were you yesterday? You didn’t go to meet Alam Sahab.” Zulifquar asked him frowning, whilst flipping the pages of the book in his lap.

This was the first time he didn’t do what he was assigned.

Zubair looked at him quizzically.

“Dada jaan did you forget? You asked me to give a tour to your nawasis(grandchildren).” He surely was confused.

At that Zulifquar’s head whipped towards him, he had a surprise look adorned on his face.

“And who said that to you?”He asked his clueless grandson.

” Isra.”He shortly answered.

Zulfiquar’s pupil dilated with some unknown joy but masking it well he nodded affirmatively.

” Yeah yeah, I remember now.” He said and leaned down on the book in his lap.

Zubair looked at him suspiciously for few seconds and left his room while his mind busy solving the puzzle.

“Aaaa?” A shriek echoed in the hall after he bumped into someone.

He looked up and found Isra holding her nose with painful expressions.

“Are you okay?”He asked her worriedly. “Much better now.”She also looked up and witnessing his worried look she instantly forgot her pain and answered him delightfully.

He gave her ‘are you serious?’ look and strolled away shaking his head.


“Eishu yaar, get up! Make me breakfast.”He called her for the tenth time but she resumed her blissful sleep ignoring him.

This was it for Uzair patience. He was almost ready for the office but Eishal wasn’t leaving the bed. Yesterday night on Eishal’s insistence they had a movie night and because of her he had to watch two consecutively cliche movies. He tried to make her sleep but she didn’t listen him and now she wasn’t getting up. On top of that, she had made Uzair use to her cooking. Now a days he didn’t like anything made by maids.

He called once again with clenched teeth but result was same as before.

He stormed towards the bed and picked her up swiftly making her gasp and shriek and sauntered out of the room ignoring her protest calls. He stopped only when he passed the kitchen’s threshold.

Making her stand in front of the stove he said calmly. “Make me breakfast.”

Eishal glared him which he ignored and dragged a chair from the dining and sat on it waiting impatiently for his breakfast.

“Sweetheart! That’s salt not sugar.” Uzair stopped her before she end up making salty tea.

“I know and I want to serve you this specific tea for disturbing my blissful sleep.”She Look the jar’s tag but instead of correcting her mistake she put the salt in it and stir it angrily.

“I eat whatever my jaan serves.” He said cheerfully with a bow and after finishing his omelette bread, he gulped down the tea without a frown.

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