-1- Working Woman

-1- Working Woman

-Present Time-

103 years after the war.

The murmur of the lobby, the occasional squeak of freshly polished shoes on linoleum, and the fresh scent of flowers and honey the wall air freshener pumped out greeted me as I walked out of the back room to start my morning shift.

The same eight to eight shift I worked six days a week, but I would never complain; partly in fear of what would happen if I was ever to speak out against a werewolf and partly because I know that I have it better then many in this world.

Many humans in this world know only struggle and hunger and abuse. The pack territory you lived in almost entirely determined what your life is like.

I hear some packs treat their humans as equals.

What a dream that would be.

Here we fall somewhere in the middle. Humans have some rights. They are free to work, educate themselves, and own businesses. But if you couldn’t make a living within the human communities, and they didn’t have an open position for pack jobs you were on your own.

Humans aren’t seen as equals here and if a wolf asked you to something, as long as it is within pack laws, you had to do it. If you didn’t, you could be beaten.

The punishments for humans are mostly the same for wolves who break the laws, which is sometimes worse for us because the punishments are meant for bodies that can handle a lot more than we can.

Usually, you are given lashes, while tied to a post in front of the pack housing center, where many of the prominent wolves live.

The punishment is extremely humiliating for humans; you are stripped naked before being lashed. Wolves are much more comfortable with nudity than humans are, so the stripping part is never an issue for them.

I only ever hear stories of what the world was like before werewolves took over. A place where humans weren’t whipped for disobeying silly orders.

The wolves don’t allow the history to be taught in schools, probably fearing humans would want to bring the world back to the way it was. Their thinking is how could we want for something we don’t know existed?

But they made the mistake of thinking that they could keep the history of our freedom a secret.

Not that it mattered.

Their grip on our lives was too strong. There would be no rebellion anytime soon, no matter what we know.

A rough arm and sharp shake snapped me from my thoughts. “Hey! I’m talking to you!” A deep voice spoke to me.

I shook my head and looked at the man. He was older, creases on his face, and hair speckled gray. He was dressed finely, in a pressed navy suit and a tie that matches. Given the power that radiated off him, he was clearly of higher status, like the majority of wolves and creatures that came through here. 

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