✗ thirty one ✗

✗ thirty one ✗

⚊ chapter thirty one

If anyone wondered how great of an actor Sunoo is, they would only have to look at him nowadays to see what he was doing regarding his sister’s love life.

This had all to be some mistake because there was absolutely no way he could keep any rational sense to watch it occured before his own eyes, let alone see his own mother were actually supporting the case.

How had anyone thought that him, Kim Sunoo, could not be aware of anything?

And yet here he was, one week after the break down of Ni-ki, at his desk in the school newspaper’s room, silently experiencing his greatest bout of worrying for his bestfriend yet.

He should have just saved himself from diving into the world of Sunhee’s piling up problems, but it can’t be avoided, not after seeing the look of relief in Ni-ki’s face after he accidentally found them in a very shocking hug in that playground.

He only happens to be there because of the gps tracker in his phone connected to Sunhee’s. The device was all the help which gives him all the clues.

The girl is too forgettable to turn off her location all the time, she was clueless to the point of being outrightly dumb.

Sunoo had known the whole thing between her and Heeseung especially the night she lied about being in Yuna’s house where he almost drive to the older guy’s house to take her home.

He stopped because of one person, his oldest sister, Dahyun

She had called him that night to ask about Sunhee and the topic went straight to Heeseung before she was then trying to make him see some sense.

“It’s about time, don’t you think? If it makes our baby sis happy, who are we stop that?”

He insisted to deny it, “She’s still so young. There are too many risks at stake. My friendship, but the one I’m scared about, her heart”

Dahyun didn’t stop though, she keeps talking, “We can’t protect her from that kind of pain, Sunoo. It’s the way of life, one way or another, she’ll have her series of heartbreak as she grew up more”

“But it’s possible to protect her if only we’re willing to do as much”

“Sunoo, I know your heart is in the right place, but have you seen the way she looks at him?”, his sister’s voice were in that kind of tone which forced him to look back in all those moments.

In all those moments Sunhee think she was slick in stealing glances over Heeseung. The way she repeatedly climbed out of her room, spouting some dumb lies to slip into the kitchen where he and his friends eat a midnight snack.

The small actions such as willing to be his little helper if only to linger longer in place where Heeseung is sure to appear.

Sunoo tried to ignore it, in hopes that maybe one day, the little crush of Sunhee will fade in time.

Who knew it would’ve grown in something more?

“Yes, I can see that she was infatuated with him”, he hated to admit in the face of truth.

Dahyun mumbled something inaudible and he hadn’t hear it except for the last of the sentence.

“…let her learn pain by herself and in the end, she will be the one to run for us for help. Just wait”

“Do you think Heeseung hyung will hurt her?”, Sunoo questions.

His sister didn’t even hesitate in her answer like she had been waiting to say it, “If not him, then circumstances will”

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