our love was one of a kind, broken yet beautiful and reciprocated yet enormous like some unrequited love


Haya sat their in the glacial weather with her usual cup of night te- NO! adrak wali chai.

It had been 7 months more, and many more to come, Mehrish was now a little cute birdie who’d started whining when not getting her desired things, she had been spoiled rotten by her father and he didn’t mind it even a bit

Haya on the other hand was opposite, sure she spoiled her but to an extent where she knew it was limited, she did not want her kid to know those crusty things which lay inside the earth at such a tender age when she was just a small baby- a lil bean!

Mehrish at the age of one and a half years was the naughtiest yet the most obedient baby you’ll ever know

She was mischevious like her dad and calm like her mother

She had got the hazel eyes of Gul which almost looked like shining pot of honey in sunlight, swirling with positiveness

It was when the mama bear and baby cub were having their us time when they heard the sound of keys jingling and Mehrish immediately started flapping her hands and feet in the air knowing her baba was home wanting to be in his embrace

Yazan laughed when he saw his babygirl giggling and her small eyes disappearing almost as she laughed through

“Traitor” Haya mumbled making Yazan laugh and Mehrish throw her hands towards him as if showing that her baba was just hers

Haya laughed too

“Get freshen up I’ll take her and then have your snacks” Haya said placing a chaste kiss to his lips and moved out of the room with Mehrish in her arms babbling some incoherent words


Yazan was sipping on his black coffee with some chocolate pancakes which were decorated by some dollops of maple syrup

He saw Mehrish staring at him with her big wide eyes wanting to taste that brownish round thing he was having, chuckling he picked it up the fork in a small piece and brought it close to her mouth

As if sensing the chocolaty sweetness of the delicacy she giggled and asked for more which her baba gladly fed her

“Finish it up quick before mama sees us, she’s going to scold us so much” he whispered pressing a soft kiss to her shy cheeks

Haya won’t ever let Mehrish eat chocolate more than two bites since according to her her she was still small for too much junk food at which Yazan always snorted

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