Abhira : Short Stories

Part 3 - I Love You

“I’m sure you don’t have anything to say now. And if by any chance you have then I advise you to keep it to yourself because neither I have the time nor I’m interested.” Akshara said taking Abhimanyu’s hand in her.

Aarohi was stunned. Akshara has never scolded her or taunted her. In fact, she has listened to her every taunt, accusation, and scolding and never said anything. She just smiled at her and never said anything. So, this was like a thunderous slap for Aarohi. After Sirat’s Death, Akshara never fought with her or scold her in fact even before that she never tried to go against her but today she was standing up for herself against her.

“I’m sure Sir, your all doubts are also cleared,” Abhimanyu said to Harshvardhan who was shocked by Akshara’s sudden outburst. He thought Akshara was naive and ignorant of his Son’s love and emotions. Aarohi was better than her because she was a Doctor and loves his Son and she stands up for herself.

He couldn’t say anything now because Abhimanyu would insult him yet again. Abhimanyu has been rebellious since he was a kid. He never agreed to any of his decision and the fight between them made him more rebellious.

Abhimanyu looked at Manish and he nodded. Akshara looked at him in confusion when he took her wrist and without saying anything he pulled her out of the house. Though Akshara said everything, they still needed to talk it out.

“What happened?” Akshara asked as soon as they were out.

“I’m sorry, Abhimanyu.” Akshara apologised once again.

“Akshu, It’s okay. I understand. Leave all this and tell me are you hurt anywhere?” He asked checking her.

“I am fine,” Akshara said stopping him.

“By the way, if you wouldn’t have told everyone that you didn’t send the message. I still would have known that you didn’t send it.” Abhimanyu pulled her towards himself.

Finally, after everything, every misunderstanding, problem and fight, they were together.

“How?” Akshara looked at him in shock at the sudden pull and his words.

“I know you more than you know yourself. Though for some time I doubt it, now I’m sure. The whole message was formal except for Abhi. Whenever you talk with me formally and remember when you denied that you d…don’t love me, you called me Abhimanyu and never Abhi. So, I had a little doubt, just a little and I was proved right.” Abhimanyu smiled mischievously.

“Though when I read it the first time, I was very angry and then I read it again and got a doubt. And you know what, I heard everything today, how Sir deleted the video and Aarohi did all that and when I went to my cabin, Neil gave me the photo.” Abhimanyu explained.

Akshara smiled at him and hugged him. She was sure whatever happens, Abhimanyu will stand beside her or even in front of her for protecting her from everyone but he will never stand against her. Akshara promised to do the same for him. Now, when she has held his hand, she will never leave him.

She realised that every relationship has its own value and charm which can be remained by the effort of both the person in it. Aarohi and her relationship have already lost its charm and value because of Aarohi’s unconditional hate toward it. She was at fault too, she has always let Aarohi do whatever she wants and she forgot about herself and her happiness.

How will you be able to maintain that relationship when you are the only one making an effort and another one is ruining all your efforts?

How will you be able to maintain a relationship in which you have to sacrifice yourself and your happiness and still never get the love and care you want?

How will a relationship work when the person in it doesn’t value it?

She was in a toxic relationship and it’s better to end it than try to mend it. Because she will be the one getting hurt in the end with no one to console her.

Abhimanyu looked at Akshara in contentment. Akshara was finally his. They were each other forever. He was ready to fight for her again if she is with him.

Abhimanyu kissed her cheek and she came out of her thoughts and looked at him wide-eyed.

“Where were you lost?” Abhimanyu asked cupping her cheeks.

“Nowhere,” Akshara replied, coming out of her shock.

“If I say ‘I love you’ now, what will you say?” Abhimanyu asked with mischief.

“Don’t you think you should say it? You say that first and I will reply.” Akshara’s eyes twinkled.

“I love you,” Abhimanyu uttered looking at her affectionately.

“I would say…” Akshara smiled shyly at him.

She pulled him a little close and whispered in his ear.

“I would say, I love myself too,” Akshara said and Abhimanyu’s smile faded and he made a face at her. Akshara laughed at him, clutching her stomach.

“Oh My God! Your…your face..” Saying this, she burst out laughing again.

“Seriously, Akshu?” Abhimanyu looked at her annoyed.

“What? I said what I felt. What should I say then?” Akshara made an innocent face at him.

Abhimanyu grimaced.

“Whatever!” He huffed and went towards Goenka’s house.

Akshara ran toward him and back hug him. Abhimanyu froze in his place.

“I love you, Abhi,” Akshara whispered softly. Abhimanyu grinned.

“Yeah, yeah, I love myself too.” Abhimanyu imitated. Akshara stifled her smile.

“I know everyone should love themselves. What a big deal?” Akshara stood in front of him.

“But what you did back there was not fair!” Abhimanyu scowled.

“Everything is fair in love and war,” Akshara replied dramatically.

“What is this between us?” Abhimanyu asked folding his arms on his chest.

“War! Duh!” Akshara rolled her eyes at him.

“War? Huh?” Abhimanyu looked at her and she nodded.

“Okay, then.” He tickled her stomach and Akshara laughed and pleaded with him to stop.

“Okay. It’s love.” Akshara shrieked loudly and Abhimanyu stopped.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Abhimanyu grabbed her waist and looked at her with fondness. Akshara glared at him.

“I love you.” Saying this, he kissed her forehead and Akshara smiled.

“I love you too.” Saying this, she went on her tippy toes and Abhimanyu leaned a little and Akshara kissed his forehead.

“But it’s still a war!” Saying this, Akshara tickled him and Abhimanyu ran in the other direction, trying to save himself.

Akshara tripped and while trying to save her Abhimanyu fell with her too. They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

They were weird but this is what makes them different from others. ___________________________

Here, this ends.

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