10| Fiancé ✓

I turn around to see a woman running to us. Rehan gets out of the car in annoyance and looks at the woman.

She hugs Rehan with great enthusiasm. “Congratulations Reh!” She says. “You were so good today. Everyone was rooting for those losers but I had my trust in you. The winning goal you gave was mind-blowing.”

As she continues talking to Rehan, I realize I’ve not said anything to Rehan about his game. Jeez… It’s embarrassing.

Rehan pulls away from the hug and I see him glance at me before looking at her. He seems annoyed.

“Thanks. I’ve to go now.” He mutters.

“Sure. I’m joining.” She says chirpily.

“No. There’s no one at home. It’s just gonna be me and Rhea.”

“That’s why I want to come.” She says standing a bit too close to him.

Oh, fuck! Is she his ex or something?

They’re definitely talking about bed, isn’t it?

“No. Kavya. I’ve to go.” He steps back and looks at me. She follows his gaze.

Kavya is tall with nice hair and a beautiful smile. She’s just an inch shorter than Rehan. She frowns at me and then smiles forwarding me her hand.

“I’m Kavya.”

Mmm, but who are you? “Aadhya.”

“I’ve seen you somewhere. Where you a student here?”

I nod. “Till three years back.”

Rehan interrupts suddenly. “Aadhya is my fiance.”


I see Kavya’s face turning white. She looks utterly embarrassed, then sadness, maybe anger, covers her face. She looks back at Rehan and turns around to run away from us.


“Get in, Aadhya.” Rehan says opening his door to get in.

I close the door and pull the seatbelt on. Should I ask him who it was?

“That was my cousin, Kavya. She’s sort of into me.” He says pulling the car out of DIAS.

“Sort of!” I didn’t mean to speak loud but it happened.

Rehan presses his lips tightly. He frowns trying to find an answer for me.

I turn back to look at Rhea, who’s on Rehan’s phone with AirPods on.

“My aunt wanted to get me married to her daughter. Kavya picked up on those and you know-“

He looks at me for inspiration and I nod.

“Was there anything between you two?”

He shakes his head urgently. “No! Good God no. I could never.”

I bite my lip as I look out the window. He takes a shortcut to my house but the road seems blocked. He puts the gear in reverse and with only his right palm he turns the steering, round and round, so fast.

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