A/n (vent?)

When they're sad |Yujis Part|

|A little context before reading, basically they were having a little rough day and you happen too notice|

Yuji Itadori

You were walking back to your dorm after a long day of training with Gojo. You look down at your phone accidentally bumping into someone. And that someone was none other than your amazing boyfriend, Yuji.

“Ah! Sorry Yuji, didn’t see you there..”

You look up at him seeing his facial expresion. It didn’t fit his face, it looked gloomy. Not the happy-go-lucky face you know. You tilted your head to the side I’m confusion and questioned him.

“Mmmmn..? You okay Yuji? You look really bummed out..”

He zoned out a bit but then snapped back to reality.

“Oh.. I’m fine Y/n, I just had a long day today y’know?” He said as he followed with a soft smile and a chuckle at the end.

But it wasn’t the same smile and laugh you knew from him. You walked closer too him and grabbed his hand gently with yours. You gave him a soft gaze and asked him.

“You sure…? You’re face tells me different..”

His eyes widened a bit then gave you the same smile as he did earlier.

“I promise, I’m just tired…”

He held your face in his hands and kissed your forehead gently before walking back too his dorm room. You look back at him and couldn’t help but think that there was something wrong. You walked back to your dorm and quickly changed into more comfortable.

Then you started to walk to the near by convince store which had really good food there for a good price.

“C’mon… It has to be here somewhere..”

You dug around in the bento boxes trying to find Yujis favorite. Luckily there was one left. It was a Rice Bowl topped with Noodles and pieces of meat. Then you got your favorite. While getting some drinks your phone started to vibrate. When you got it from your pocket, Gojo was calling you. You answered it and raised the phone up against your ear.

“What’s up Gojo?”

“Hey Y/n, Not sure if it was you but I saw you walk out of campus.”

“Mmm..? What was I wearing?”

“Grey sweatpants maybe? That’s what it looked like.”

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