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“It wasn’t love at first sight exactly, but it was familiarity. Something like oh, hello, its you. It’s going to be you.” -Mhairi McFarlane

| Chapter Three |

Green grass. Pleasant weather. All players present- what could go wrong?

I assessed to myself, a jubilant smile on my lips as I inhaled the crisp fresh air of spring. The football field never looked better! I trotted toward the field eager to feel the wind in my hair and the adrenaline that rushed through me.

Football was a part of me. The eagerness and love I had for this sport was too precious to be overworked. It’s also the reason why I didn’t want to consider football as a way of living because even if I enjoyed the game there would tons of stress and expectations weighing me down-evidently destroying my passion.

I delved in the blissful silence before the game started. It was my way of triggering my body to get ready. But I had a feeling that I didn’t need it. The last few weeks have been crammed with tests and assignments and we don’t have time for football, but today? Today was the day we made our own celebration!

A huge smile tapped my mouth into a big grin as I jogged over to the field when I noticed someone sitting on the bleachers.

I slowed down to a steady walk, my mind going over who it could be. I suspected it to be a girl and my smile dipped a little. There was only one girl who would go to that length to stalk me after school and that was Kayla.

Before I could march over to her and talk her home, Joe shouted my name. I swiveled around, confused.

“Jeez, dude! Where are you? I’ve been calling your name for the past five minutes,” He panted heavily as he collapsed at my feet. I scratched my head, I hadn’t heard him at all. Was I really that excited to play?

Neil and the rest of the team came over and I was a little surprised to see them sullen.

“What’s the problem? You all look like your goldfish from five years passed away.”

Zack snorted as he pushed his glasses up, “Firstly, that doesn’t even make sense. And secondly, goldfish never last that long.”

Neil chuckled with the rest of the group as I rolled my eyes, “Okay then Einstein. Why the long faces?”

Joe placed his hands on my shins with a pout on his face.”Coach-Coach,” He stuttered like he was choking back tears and I immediately feared the worst.

“What?! What happened to him? Is he okay?” I asked as I shoved Joe down and kicked him. Joe groaned in pain as the others collapsed in laughter. Before I could beat Joe up, Neil told me that Coach was sick and we’d have to delay our training.

“Oh,” I mumbled as I tried not to let them read the sadness the news brought me. Coach was our mentor and how foolish could I be if I wanted to play, disregarding his health.

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