4NEMO// Xiao x reader

•Just the two of us•

Left leg forward, right leg forward,left leg backwards, right leg backwards,left leg to the left, right leg to the left…

We were dancing in sync. He was holding my right hand and his other hand was placed on my waist. My left arm was on his shoulder.

I was looking in his eyes. They were indeed pretty. Like looking at the sunset in the summer by the beach. When he noticed me staring he smiled. His smile was so pure and a rare sight to behold. Sadly he wasn’t smiling all the time, but when he did it was like when flowers bloom. Pretty. I smiled back at him.

” Xiao you should start smiling more often ” i said.

” Why? “

” Because it looks good on you and…i’ve never seen you smile before”

When i said that he blushed. His cheeks were slightly pink.

” Well then i’ll try “

The thought of him dancing with me made my face red. I really am in love with him, but i am afraid he doesn’t feel the same way. Should i tell him how i feel? Oh…i don’t knowwww. Maybe it’s too soon.

” Something on your mind? ” he asked suddenly.

” No… ” i looked down trying to hide my face.

” Oh really? ” he didn’t believe that lie.

” Okay..you got me…”

I sighed and started to speak.” Xiao I…um…Well in the last few weeks i realised that… “

I raised my head to look him in the eyes. He was patiently waiting for me to finish my sentence. I gotta tell him some day and i think today is the day…

” I realised that….I like you Xiao… You may not feel the same way, but it’s okay i just wanted to get that off my chest… ” i looked down again.

I couldn’t see his reaction. Hopefully he won’t think im weird. My heart was beating faster and faster every second. I was waiting for his answer.

” Y/n…I like you too “

My eyes widened.Suddenly I felt his right hand pulling my waist against his. My cheeks were turning red. I could feel my heart beat fast. He then placed his left hand on my chin so i can face him. His hand was soft and warm. I could feel his slender fingers on my skin.

My gaze met with Xiao’s. Our faces were just a couple of centimeters away.

” May I… kiss you…y/n? ” i just nodded. My face was now as red as a tomato.

Then he pressed his lips onto mine. It was warm and i felt secure. Everything around me was gone. It was only him and me. I placed my right hand on his cheek and my left hand on his chest. The grip on my waist tightened. It was a long and passionate kiss. I didn’t expect this day to come, yet i am grateful.

Our lips now seperated. I looked at his amber eyes. He was still holding me by my waist.

” Sooo…what now? ” i said while smiling and blushing. I didn’t know what to do now.

He then tucked piece of my hair behind my ear and looked me in my eyes with a smile. Again that smile. That pretty smile. The same smile that made me blush every time i saw it.

” Now you are my girlfriend i suppose” he smiled.

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