“Your room is so big.” I jump onto the center of Stefano’s unnecessarily large California King. Even with my arms raised above my head, and legs stretched. It was way longer than me. Like making a snow angel, I lay out comfortably.

Giggling when I feel two hands grab onto both of my thighs. I’m pulled forward meeting his darkened eyes. I ruffle his head of hair. Smiling up at him happily.

“Why do you need one so big? Not that i’m complaining.” My tone is teasing. Feeling a single kiss placed onto the left of my neck.

His head moves down as I moved mine to give him more skin to kiss.

“Why not?” His gruff voice answers lowly. Continuing to shower me with kisses. From my jaw, cheek, to nose. I grab either side of his face to pause his soft movement.

“I like it here.” I whisper closely to his lips. Removing my hands from his face to wrap my arms around his neck. Trailing my finger up and down his neck lightly. His long lashes tickle my forehead as he stares into my eyes.

“Here?” He repeats my words smugly, smiling against my skin. Lowering himself down to grind forward. With another kiss, I gasp shivering from his touch.

How long have I waited, and imagined this exact moment happening? The two of us wrapped in each other’s arms.. and more.

“Kinky.” The words fall from my lips. With a heavy and hesitant breath. He removes himself from me.

“I’ve been thinking.” I pout feeling his touch slip away. Sitting up on the bed beside my body. The certain look in his eyes was unlike any emotion id seen from him.

“What have you been thinking about?” I reply calmly, sitting up to comfort him. Reaching up to run and hand down the back of his head. I slide closer, slipping on the satin sheets.

“I’ve been thinking. About telling the family the truth, about our marriage.” My brows furrow together at the sincere expression on his face.He was serious as ever. Running a finger down his palm was a nervous habit i’d picked up on.All of which he’s only done when speaking to me.

“Are you sure about that?” Nodding his head quickly like a small boy. I curl a piece of his hair with a finger. All the times he’s made effort to hide or relationship because of his supposed marriage has just disappeared?

I think not.

Placing my hand in his. He plays with my fingers quietly, waiting for a reply from me. Doing his nervous habit to my own hand. He traces a circle onto my palm.

“So what would this mean?” I pull my hand from his, for both hands to be captured again.

“That everyone will know that you’re righteous my wife, that you’re mine. And my reason behind the things i’ve done, for them and you.” His words are softly spoken. Gripping my hands tightly, I look up and into his eyes.

“Do you really want to do this?” I breathe out. Pushing myself forward and into his chest. He lets go allowing me to wrap my arms around him tightly.

I wouldn’t have to openly lie to the people I loved. I could finally be with the man I loved.

“Thank you.” The softness of his voice whispers into my head full of hair. Caressing it gently, and pulling at the ends. I soak in his words becoming comfortable in his arms.

“For what.” I answer after a while. Feeling his heartbeat against my chest. I’m sure the rhythm of our two have matched pace.

“Your patience with me.” Tears soak my eyes after a while. Repeating thoughts of how far we’ve come linger in my hear.

How far he has come, and letting me in.

I kiss his shoulder, hoping he’d feel the gesture through his shirt. There was no placed i’d rather be but here.

Enjoying the feeling of relaxing in his hold. My drifting eyes snap open to the feeling of his infers fiddling with the ends of my t-shirt.

He wants to play now.

My body moves back, falling onto the bed with a bounce. His chest meets mine. Grabbing both arms to pin over my head.

I feel the warmth of his mouth touch mine. And everything stops.

He’s mine.

And now everyone will know.


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