I wiped my tears away, “Nothing.” I said sitting up.Rm let go of me and looked at them, “What did you buy?”

“We would’ve came back sooner if it weren’t for Taehyung taking his sweet time in the Glucci store.” said Suga glaring at Taehyung.”It’s not my fault they got three new collections in one day.” Taehyung said staring at the bags he was carrying.

“Go put the bags in your room! If I find one laying around here I’ll throw it away with anything it has inside and you’ll lose today’s dessert.” yelled Jin.Everyone immediately began walking up stairs.

“If I see her cry again around you I’ll beat you up.” said Suga when everyone left to Rm.I frowned, “Stop beating up everyone around me. Or you’ll be the next one with a bloody nose.”Suga looked at me and back at Rm, “I warned you.” he headed upstairs.

“This is for you.” said Jungkook immediately coming back downstairs without his bags but a yellow envelope.He handed it to me.

I looked at the front and all it said was for Y/n.

“Where did you get this?” I asked.”We stopped at your house and I checked your mailbox.””Did anyone catch you?””Not that I saw.”

Rm sighed, “I’m going for a glass of water, do you guys want anything?”I shook my head.Jungkook just stared at the envelope.”No? Okay. I’ll be right back.” said Rm before leaving.

I tore the envelope open and pulled out a folded white piece of paper.

Dear Mrs.Y/nWe are sorry to find out of your father’s passing. It appears he suffered from a heart attack at the company he owned. We are sending this letter to inform you that his money is now in your account and the company is now in your hands. Please contact us as soon as possible.We are sorry for your loss.Sincerely- Lin’s Lawyers

I dropped the envelope and paper before collapsing to the floor.”What’s wrong?!” yelled Jungkook kneeling down quickly to check up on me.He picked up the letter and skimmed through it, “Guys!”

It wasn’t long before the others were there….I finished signing the last document the lawyer was giving me.The old man took the paper and put it into a suitcase before bowing, “Thank you and sorry for your loss.”I bowed back, “Thank you.”

“Do you feel okay?” asked Jin as the seven entered the room.I nodded as I looked at the documents scattered on the table, “This was his office.”I could feel my eyes getting watery, he never let me in here unless it was for business.

There was a knock at the door.I looked at it to see Baekhyun dressed completely in black.

He smiled slightly before walking in.”I haven’t seen you in forever.” I said wiping a tear away.He came directly to me and embraced me in a hug.I hugged him back.”I’m sorry.” he muttered, “I should’ve called.””It’s fine.”

He let go of me but continued staring into my eyes.I wiped my tears away, “Geesh… you’re probably criticizing my style so badly.”He laughed, “I don’t know how you messed up the black jeans and black blouse look but you did.”

I smiled, “This is why I need you.”He shook his head, “I would come back but I already formed a group of friends at a house we’re sharing a few hours away from here. You should come visit.”

Jimin cleared out his throat.I looked at them.”We should be leaving now.” said Rm.”What?” I said with a frown.”You know where we live, you’re always welcome to come.” said Jin, “But right now it feels like we’re disturbing.””Please… stay. I don’t want to be alone.”

“What about your maids?” asked Baekhyun.”I fired all of them. They usually leave on there own but I wanted to feel more comfortable without them watching over me at every minute.””You’re really growing up.”I looked at him.

“How long do you want us to stay?” asked Jungkook.”How long would you stay?””As long as you want us too.”I sighed and paced around the room, “How about… forever.””Really?”I nodded, “There’s enough rooms.”

Baekhyun coughed, “Are you sure you want them here that long?”I nodded, “Why not?””They bullied you.”I shrugged, “I forgave them already.””Okay. It’s your decision and I respect it. I have to go now or I’ll get home at midnight.”I rushed to him and gave him a hug, “Take care.”He hugged me back, “You too. Please be careful.”

He left soon after.

“Are you guys staying or not?” I asked looking back at BTS.They all looked at each other and nodded.”We will.” said Rm.”But we’ll have to get our things first.” said Jin.”I know.” I said with a smile.

“Can we choose our rooms now?” asked Jungkook.”Go ahead.”They all ran into the hallway except for Rm, Jin and Suga.

“What about you guys?” I asked.”I’ll choose one after the disaster is over.” said Rm with his dimple smile.Jin sighed, “I’ll have to fix it later so I might as well wait before yelling at them.””As long as I have soju and a bed, I’ll be fine.” said Suga.

This was going to be an experience. I never thought I would start over with my bullies, become friends with them, and include them in my life, much less live underneath the same roof.

“I called dibs first!” yelled Taehyung.”No I reached the door first!” yelled Jungkook.”Back off!” yelled Jimin.”I’m older than all of you so let me through!” yelled Jhope.I giggled.”What is it now?” muttered Suga rolling his eyes.”Guys!” yelled Rm.”Calm down!” yelled Jin walking out of the room in a hurry.

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