20.Tangled Threads

31. Tangled Threads

“What is this?” She asked with arched brows, taking the paper from his hand, which he was extending towards her.

“Look at it yourself.” He said cheerfully.

She sat down near him on the sofa and opened the folded paper.

And the moment she was done reading it, she looked up gasping.

“Am I dreaming?” She questioned with unbelievable look.

“This is very much reality.” He said squeezing her in a tight hug.

She returned the hug and few minutes later her body started shaking.

“Eishal???” He moved away and looked at her tears drenched red face.

“It’s unexpected and I’m happy.” She confessed and hugged him again. She needed his warm embrace at that keep in check her vulnerable state.

They had hope of becoming parents but it was very little as the accident had severely damaged her womb.

“You are suppose to laugh when you are happy silly girl.” Uzair said whilst rubbing her back.

“Should we disclose this news to our family?” He asked when he felt her breath calming.

“I don’t want, not until the first trimester is over.” She whispered and moved back to look at his reaction.

He nodded understandingly. She gave him her dazzling smile and it was the first time in this two years, she smiled with her eyes twinkling.

His eyes glistened remembering the hardship they went through in this two years.

He pulled her towards him and hugged her again.

“Are you not happy?” She asked when she felt his body shaking under her arms.

He was crying.

“I’m ecstatic.” He answered her whilst pecking her forehead, his voice hoarse and heavy with emotions.

“Then you are supposed to laugh silly boy.” She returned him his statement to change his mood and ruffled his hair lovingly.

“The effect of company is being seen.” He pinched her nose playfully whilst a throaty laugh escaped his mouth.

They were happy and their actions and the glint in their eyes were prove of it.

They had gone through a phase of hardship and was bestowed with ease as promised by the Almighty.


“Atif, atleast you can eat without complaining.” She snapped at him when he pointed out that she was repeating the same menu from two days.

He stilled in his place hearing her rude reply.

Why was she complaining when it was her choice to cook for her family otherwise the maid was doing fine.

He stood up with a jerk and the chair scraped the floor with screeching noise.

He had been patiently tolerating her cranky mood from quite a time but it wasn’t getting any better.

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