-1- Working Woman

~29~ The Devil is in the Details


The next few days pass rather uneventfully. 

Fortunately for me, Issac released Damian soon after me. From what Damian tells me Issac asked him the same questions he asked me and by some stroke of luck, our stories matched exactly. If the moon Goddess is real then she is definitely on our side.

Despite our luck, we didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks, so we made the decision to call off all future meetings with the witches. Caroline was confident enough that I would be successful without the extra sessions, so I’m a little more comfortable with our decision. 

Despite the lack of magical rendezvous, I have still had my fair share of meetings over the last few days. We have been meeting to plan the attack just about every day. Issac has occasionally joined over video-chat, but he’s left the planning mostly to us, seeing as he’s been really busy while away on business. We are taking great care in planning the attack, especially since a small number of our own wolves will be placed directly in harm’s way. It’s a major risk, one that we must be well prepared for when we take it. 

I’ve been a little nervous when working to plan the finer details. I don’t want anything to go wrong but at the same time, this is an opportunity to prove myself to Issac. I want to show him that I can be a proper Luna but I also want to show him what women are capable of.

Currently, I am quietly sitting in a conference chair surrounded by generals. Over the last few days, I have gotten to know some of their names. Some I already knew, like Luca the Beta, and Damian, of course. But the others, like Travis, who is sitting a few seats down, I got to know a little. While most of them kind of suck, some aren’t so bad and have the potential to really help the women of the pack. 

 Today, we are having one final meeting to fully explain the plan before the big attack tomorrow morning. Issac’s flight landed not too long ago, so he should be here shortly. While he knows some details and the overall plan, there is still a lot of details he needs to be made aware of.  While we want the hunters destroyed, we still don’t understand their connection to the rouges. That is something that needs to be considered. Ultimately, if we destroy the hunters the rouges should return to their normal state of being a nuisance. While its a risk to assume that is what will happen, we decided it was more of a risk to let them remain any longer than they already have. 

The general next to me abruptly stands up, startling me. I stand up along with him, knowing that it means Issac is almost here. The door to the conference room swings open and Issac walks in. He carries with him that same confidence he always has, the confidence of an Alpha.

The generals slightly bow to greet him as he takes his place at the head of the table. I’m seated opposite him. 

He smiles as he sees me. I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get a private reunion, but it’s important that this meeting happens as soon as possible. Being a leader takes sacrifices and that’s definitely something I’m learning. 

We all return to our seats when Issac sits down. “I have called this meeting as a final briefing before the attack. While we have carefully planned this move, this meeting is to finalize all the fine details in order to ensure all Dark Forest wolves involved are thoroughly briefed by tonight so they can be prepared for tomorrow.” 

The general to my side turns in his chair and addresses Issac. “Alpha, as you already know, we have divided the plan into three subsections: traveling to the bunker undetected, tampering with the ventilation systems and planting the detonation device, and escaping.”

Damian and I were placed on the second subsection since the whole “light the air on fire” idea was ours.

“Let’s start going over the details from the beginning,” Issac interjects. 

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