𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐫 ᵍᵉⁿˢʰⁱⁿ ⁱᵐᵖᵃᶜᵗ

stuffies. al haitham

[ 警告 ] warnings ; mildy suggestive (barely) !

you’re putting your earrings on when you hear a muffled groan behind you, the sheets rustling as he buries himself deeper in them.”you’re leaving?” his voice deep with morning rasp, but somehow his words still manage to sound sad as he says them.

“i need to run some errands..it’ll only be a little while.” you say finally turning to see your boyfriend lying lazily on the bed, half of his body covered by the duvet while the rest exposed to the cold morning air of the house.

which is strange considering…it’s al haitham you’re talking about and he’s usually up and about by this time.the only time al haitham stays in like this is when he’s on an extended break—the calendar didn’t mark any breaks when you looked at it a moment ago.

suddenly his body bolts with a sneeze followed with another pained groan that had him holding his head as if trying to steady whatevers hurting in it.

you sit beside his body on the edge of the bed, your hand laying on his forehead to check his temperature, “baby..” he whines softly,

he’s burning up. “haitham i think you’re sick.” your hand drifts down to cup his cheek once you see how he leans into your touch, “you’ll stay with me if i say i am?” he asks, his eyes lidded tiredly, “i can’t leave you sick here just moping in bed all day.” you sigh, a tiny smile growing on his lips, “so you’ll stay and keep me warm..” he’s not asking anymore, he knows you will.

you press a kiss on the tip of his nose, “yes but i still need to go and make a quick run to the market, get you medicine and some soup.”to your words he instantly frowns, “later…please?” he holds you put, his arm around your waist.

“al haitham.”

he lets out what seems like a small whine as he lets his arm fall before rolling on to his stomach, his hand clutching your pillow close. he doesn’t say anything but just grumbles something incoherent, you smile at his rare childishness, enjoying seeing this side of him.

“haitham you need to take them.” you say perched again on the edge while he lays around like a king. he shakes his head, ignoring you as he remains on his stomach, your pillow is over his head now, shielding his eyes from the blaring hot sun entering from the window.

“please, you’ll feel better after.” you hold the hands with the small pill and water closer to him, and finally he looks at you, “you’re staying after right?” there’s something about al haitham like this that makes your heart melt too easily. his hair disheveled by sleep, his voice low and hoarse, his neediness.

“yes…i’m staying but only if you take them.” you state,he doesn’t wait for you to finish when he’s already grabbing the pill and the water, hastily drinking it down before placing the water on the nightstand and wrapping his arms around your body, dragging you down with him on the bed.

you yelp with the thud, his head instantly buried in your neck, soft kisses as he holds you close, mumbling a soft, “you can’t go now…don’t go…” against your skin, “you’re gonna get me sick too..” you sigh, closing your eyes, enojying his warmth, “good.”

“good?” you try backing away to give him space but he refuses, his arms are ironed on you, “more cuddles…staying in bed with you.” he smiles against your cheek before placing a small kiss on it, you can only sigh in a soft defeat.

not long after, he fell asleep on you, but if you moved even the slightest he would instantly be alert. instantly trying to stir you into sleep again with him, smothering you with more kisses and some light bites if he wanted to tease you (even when he’s sick).

once he got better, if you brought it up he’d get beet red about it, dismissing it saying he simply that he doesn’t remember it so therefore it didn’t happen.

luckily for you, you have several photos to show him and kaveh as evidence.


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