『JenSoo Short Stories ₂』


– Jennie’s POV –

I swear she’s looking at me. I’m not going crazy, right? She’s looking at me, and I’m absolutely lost in her eyes. I can’t seem to look away, even as my friends start discussing things that I actually know, even as Roseanne pokes my shoulder and follows my gaze to Jisoo.

Roseanne hops onto the bench, moving in front of my face, blocking my line of sight to her. “You are insane.” she laughs, shaking her head solemnly.

“You two have been sharing more looks than a fucking-” she cuts herself off as footsteps come closer. I look up to see Jisoo, smiling her sweet smile. My face starts burning, so I dart my eyes away. If possible, I want to seem cool, not like the blush-mess I am.

She leans against the bench, and I imagine kissing her as she pushes me against a wall because apparently, my brain has gone insane. My face probably looks like a tomato right now. I do my best to snap out of my thoughts as she smiles. “Can I talk to you after school?”

I make a slight nod, then turn to Roseanne and mouth help. I don’t even realise until Jisoo’s gone that everyone here is looking at me. “Shut up, guys.” I blush, looking around at all of them.

Kai throws up his hands defensively. “I’m saying nothing! I don’t want to get bullied by Rosé again.”

Roseanne laughs again, then winks at me, and all I can think is help help help help.


I’m stressed, distressed, and I probably need rest. But here I am, waiting in  the parking lot to talk to Jisoo. Eventually, once most of the students are gone, she emerges from the main building, and as soon as she spots me, she beams. Fuck.

“Hey Graceless.” she stops barely a metre away from me, standing on her tippy toes. I’m not blushing yet, which means I might be able to get through whatever this is.

“Hey.” My voice comes out the tiniest bit hoarse, but she must have picked up on it because she’s grinning again. I love this.

“So, would you like to do something tonight?”

I need to remind myself to breathe.


She giggles. I’m awestruck. I’ve never heard her giggle. I’ve listened to her laugh, her loud, contagious laugh at parties and lunch when we would talk, and I wasn’t sure whether I was insanely in love, but I haven’t heard this. She’s so quiet. “That was the quickest you’ve ever said yes. To anything.”

I nod, a smile on the edge of my lips.

She nods back, and I think – just maybe – she’s nervous. “Walk with me?”

I nod again, eagerly.


I try my best to balance on that thing on the edge of the road I can never remember the name of, but every time I look at Jisoo, my heart skips a beat, and I have to step back onto the road cause otherwise, I’ll probably fall over. She’s looking back at me now, and my cheeks are suddenly hot.

“I’m not weird.” I say, nearly losing my balance again.

“Yes the birthday parties we used to go to prove that.” She tiptoes close to me, sarcasm in her voice. Then she holds out her hand. “Do you need some help balancing?”

Breathing is getting painful again.

Maybe the look we shared today was — a sign, but was Jisoo really into me? Did she want me? Hell, half of the time, I didn’t want me. But here she is, holding her hand out to me. I take it, cause to be fair, even if she doesn’t like me, I like her, and I really want to hold her hand.

She steps towards me and takes my other hand in hers. All I can do is stare at her as the sun goes down around us, the sky and ocean of purple, orange and red. It takes me a moment to figure out that she’s stepped even closer to me. I massage her hand with my thumb and close the distance.

Jisoo grins this bright, hopeful grin and leans in. I take my chance and kiss her before she can second guess herself. But I don’t think she would have. She takes her hands away and wraps them around my waist before drawing back for the tiniest moment. “Is this okay?” She whispers, still smiling. I can only manage a nod, and as soon as I give it, Jisoo leans back in, and I swear, I could kiss her forever.


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