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Um. Hello guys. Hopefully you all are fine. First of all , I am so sorry for not updating the stories. I am really busy with my studies but another reason behind not writing was the toxic social media. I have deactivated insta long ago as it was suffocating and currently the situation we are facing is tough for us as sidnaaz shippers. It is really difficult for me to write trust me. Aisa pehle kabhi nahi hua. Writing always gave me happiness but now it doesn’t. Things changed maybe. I am here just because I didn’t want to keep my books incomplete. And I didn’t want to disappoint the readers who were patiently waiting for so many days.

We really deserved a happy ending of our ship, no matter how much we try to be positive, destiny was cruel. Khair SidNaaz was, is , will be a Beautiful part of my life. 💝

I don’t know how well I will be able to write but let’s just try….


Sana was lost in those deep pair of eyes. Her hand automatically cupped his face and she looked at him with affection while his heart was beating in an uneven way.

He whispered….amor….

She smiled a little – kaha the aap….kaab se intejaar kar rahi thi mai aap ki. Hamesha ki tarah mujhe taang hi kar rahe ho aap. Aur aata bhi kya hai aap ko!

He nodded in no and kissed her forehead – nahi amor.  Mai aap ko taang nahi kar raha! Aap toh jaan hai na meri!

She nodded in yes and kissed his forehead while his heart throbbed against his chest.

Saath rehna itna mushkil tha? She said in a cracking voice.

Tha. Warna saath hi hote. He replied and wiped her tears.

Apne kosish bhi nahi ki thi saath rehne ki… she complained. Her voice was shaking in extreme emotions.

Kuch cheezo ka saath rehna likha nahi Hota amor. He replied softly.

She tried to break the eyelock as his statement disappointed her.

But he held her chin and didn’t allow her to look down.

Naraj ho gye aap? He said in an extremely soft voice.

Nahi hona chahiye? She replied angrily.

Kismaat bhi kuch hoti hai. Jaroori nahi hai har  khubsoorat cheez jo saath mein acche lage woh saath hi rahe?

He questioned.

Aap ki kismaat ne toh bas juda karna sikha hai. Na apne kabhi humari suni na sunenge.

She replied while wiping her tears.

Aisa nahi hai amor. Galat samaj rahi hai aap mujhe. Hamesha ki tarah.

She nodded in no and said- bilkul galat nahi samaj rahi hoon mai aap ko. Apne kismaat k aage hamesha humari kurbaani di hai. Aur aap aage bhi aisa hi karenge. Jab milna hi taqdeer mein nahi likha hai toh mita kyun nahi dete aap mera naam apne seene se?

Aisa kabhi nahi ho saakta amor. Aap ko paata hai mujhe aap se mohabbat hai.

She nodded in no and wiped her tears harshly. 

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