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⚊ chapter fifty four

Weirdly enough, I feel a strange connection to this one unexpected person, Miyazaki Yumi.

She didn’t deserve to be treated badly and she was nice to me in the few times we’d stumbled across each other in some places at the city.

So I’m going to her art school where Heeseung’s friends told me she’ll have an exhibit for her arts.

I am not here just to talk to her, but to capture pictures and pass it as my project to my art class. Though I’ll cover the entire exhibit, I want to ask her about the story of one piece that really stands out to me.

This painting is quite familiar to the both of us. I see the outline of one side of a face with an obvious doe eye and the familiar shape of a guy’s jaw; the colors blended into a mixture of white and blue and brown.

I would know that face everywhere, the face of my boyfriend, Heeseung.

I don’t know how but she managed to capture his very essence in this picture. There’s a soft intensity to the curve of his jaw and the warmth in his eyes that almost takes my breath away.

I feel as if he is staring right into my soul.

“This is one of my favorite pieces”, Yumi’s melodious voice breaks me from my trance.

My eyes remained engrossed on the painting, “You.. You’ve captured him perfectly. I recognized him right away”

I glance at Yumi and she has a soft smile, “I’m not surprised. It’s your boyfriend after all. I’m sorry I decided to paint him”, then she went back looking at it, “For me, this was my way to move on and so after this, I’ll give it to you”

I blink back the tears that spring from my eyes at her kind words, “I..I don’t know what to say”, I paused and then continue, “I’m sorry it had to be this way for you. I’m sure you can find someone else out there”

Yumi smiles again and reaches out to touch my arm, “It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. I mean, I had the chance to take him back but I never did”

Neither of us have anything else to say, but I remain transfixed. I glance over the rest of her work; she has a few small statues and another watercolor painting.

This one is absolutely breathtaking just like her. It was a girl in the middle of a lavender farm, a rainbow of wind sending her hair flying and colors washing over her.

I somehow know that this is about her letting her be free of something.

“What was he like to you?”, I asked, knowing she’ll never be offended anyway.

Yumi smiles sadly and I recognized tears brimming from her eyes, “He’s like the angel that just breathe me into life. Nothing ever feels the same way, but I have to accept I will find someone else who’ll be my own breath in this life”

I nod and remember my musings a few days ago, “That’s why I called him my angel baby. It’s as if even if he insistently called me sunshine, my world can be black and white without him, but if he’s there, it was bursting into technicolor”

Yumi nods and brushes her tears from her cheeks. I apologize in panic, “Gosh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I just.. I want to talk you and maybe become a comfort. If it’s not too much to ask, could you also be my friend?”

“No, it’s okay”, she whispers and clears her throat, “It’s fine, I don’t hate you in case you were wondering. I tried to”, she laughs awkwardly, “but in just look at you like in this moment, I could tell why Heeseung fell in love with you. Just by being by your presence, it’s like all my problems were being relieved off my shoulders”

I duck my head, flushing at the compliment, “Thank you Yumi”

She only laughs in response before doing the very thing that made me widen my eyes, “You’re so cute, you know that? If only I wasn’t straight, I could’ve steal you away from him”

This made me laugh and soon we were both sharing a smile, a very friendly one. Something is about to bloom here.

Eventually I stop her from touching my cheeks, “So are we friends now?”

Yumi smiles at me softly, “Of course”

I reach over and shakes her hand, not letting go until she looks at it and did the same. Even if we’re the people who was most unlikely to be friends because of our connections to Heeseung, it doesn’t meant we have to follow the normal code of the society.

Yumi nods, and I feel the wall between suddenly crumbling into nothing as we open up to each other.

As we walked away from the painting and I started to ask her about her work, I was secretly smiling to myself at the friend I knew I had gained in her.

Of all the people in the world, I would never thought I will be brave to face the ex of my boyfriend.

It went better than I expected anyway.

Another thing was ending for me this year. The school itself and now I have to be forced to pack because I’m going somewhere. Not that I didn’t like where I was going.

In fact, I’m going to love there because of the person I’ll be with.

“Oh my god, look at this, Hee!”, I cooed. I currently sat on the floor before my closet surrounded by things I didn’t remember I have.

I hadn’t seen since clean the cabinet since last December, so now I held up a pair of minion socks that was buried under my unused pants.

“Sunshine -“, Heeseung sighed as he found me sat down there like a child around her toys, “I love you, but are you actually planning on packing at any point?”

“What are you talking about? I’m already packing!”, I gestured to the luggage that was done beside my bed.

“Hmn funny how you could keep it messier after that”, Heeseung sassed.

“You just have to trust my own process”, I assured him, “Are you seriously telling me you just throw everything in the boxes without looking at each of them?”

“I packed my things with my friends last night and is in the van now, but the things of my girl isn’t still there”

“So unfair”, I muttered as I went back to digging around my closet.

Heeseung’s cute constant whining made me pick up the pace and soon most of my things was neatly packed away into boxes. I’d completed my last exam a few days ago and just like that, the school year is over.

I thought I would be excited for the summer vacation, and a part of me was.

I was excited to have some time off from the usual drama of school. To go back to the simple life of only sleeping all day and going anywhere with your friends.

But another part of me felt like leaving the academy, meant leaving the person I’d become there.

This whole year has certainly build me to become a different person.

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