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_The after math_


Last night after the Lunar eclipse all of the fictional characters had disappeared without a trace and all the scientists that were involved had gone with them.We’ve decided to search for some of the documents in the now abandoned lab where it all went wild and we’ve found a list of “Patients” who were all numbered and we might have found out who started all this yet but those documents seem to be the only thing left to prove her existence.

Her name isY/n L/n and she has been shown to be 15 years old in the documents.People have been going crazy about this so called Y/n and have even broken in her apartment but have found nothing but a cat and a completely destroyed room with electronics that had been completely overstimulated with electricity except for a vinyl playing Swanlake on repeat.

We tried to communicate but it seems that she has taken her neighbours with her to, the neighbours that hadn’t dissolved into thin air seem to only know that a short man with a terrible hair cut had broken into her apartment along with a tall man with blue hair and a mask.

When we were there we found a old lady trying to send something to Y/n but when we tried to tell her that she had gone missing she answered with. “Oh dont worry she’ll still get this dress anyway’.

This woman has now been sent a police office for more information and is possibly a mass murderer or Kidnapper.


Scaramoucheslefthand WHAT THE FUCK SHE REALLY DIDNT WANT US TO GETT SCARAMOUCHE.___Scaramouchesimp32Guys shouldn’t we wonder why this woman called “Y/N” Like I know damn well no one is calling their children that


You kinda onto smt tho

Tartagliaworshipper6Maybe they just forgot to actually write her name in the documents??



BUY BALLET CLOTHES AND SHOES HERE>>>>>>> ____Chyohyo3001Maybe The real Y/n is just the friend we made along the way 3


KeayasbigjuizymanmoundsSo was I the only one that actually met Y/n


KeayasbigjuizymanmoundsWhen I was selling ice cream one day.

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From: VenusFor: The reader

Yk sometimes I regret downloading wattpad because I actually just finished a fucking story like what the fuckAnd the bad part isIm already making a new one for some reason (Cough cough you might wanna watch my page during april)

Anyways I think that I should say thank you for the support?????? I mean i am thankful I just genuinely don’t know why people read this like I created this because I had a dream about scaramouche appearing in my room and then decided to write about it which is I’m pretty sure 1 year ago (what the fuck)But like i genuinely want to write more about this since I have a unpublished chapter about Y/ns future lore and life in Teyvat and It would a bit of waste if I didn’t continue.

Btw idk if you’ve noticed but I’m a ballet dancer myself and I love classical stories so the next book will be inspired by certain stories.

I also love stories like Perfect blue Black swan which is why Y/n has a double in this story yk, I take my inspiration from things that make me stare at the ceiling for half a hour trying to figure out why I even watched it which is how I feel about this book to

Anyways thanks for your attention and we’ll speak again in the next book bye maybe?????

Ps: don’t worry about y/ns cat she’s going to return (btw Y/ns cat is inspired by my own fat ass cats (I have three) but mainly inspired by the fattest one look) 

I just wanted to share that before I go now bye

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