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Ye ishq mohabbat ki riwayat bhi ajeeb hai, jise paaya nahi hai, use khona bhi nahi chahte~Gulzar


The water fell on her, like acid burning her cold, pale and white skin. Waking up her as if the freshness- but this wasn’t freshness, this was the compensation for something her elders had done.

Something she never knew happened why it happened, how it happened, just knew she was now facing the consequences, facing the torment all to herself.

Something which wasn’t even her mistake.

Blurry vision but voices were heard loud and clear”Husn ho to aisa” followed by a roar of laughs”ise bhi maar denge Alif sahab?” A hushed whisper reached her ears(Figure should be like hers.)(Will Alif Sir kill her too?)

“lag tou nahi raha, aisa husn kam hi milta hai, ise tou Alif sahab ke kamre mein rakhen-” (I don’t think so, figure like hers are rare, Alif sir will keep her in his room-)

“Khamosh!” The roar zipped everybody’s mouths and now only silence prevailed the chauraha”Ye hamari hareef hai ise nahi jaane denge Alif sahab, unhone ne faisla kiya hai ke ye haveli mei rahegi or shayad shahi kothe mei bhi” (Silence!)(She is our enemy. Alof sir will not let her go, he has decided that she will stay in the haveli and perhaps the royal strip club too)

This upped the roar of laughter and cheap words for her, her droopy blurry eyes, chocolate brown swirls had no more shine left in them, chestnut hair no more braided, open and sticking to her neck chest and back

A duo of old men began staring at her lustfully, her white clothes from last night, sticking to her skin like a second skin

last night when it started.

She was Haya Sultan, daughter of one of the most powerful Sultan heirs and crude political leaders of Islamabad.


Last night,

the wind flew around the eerily chilly village of sitara, this winter night had her in its beauty, its cool calmness, unaware of the pair of eyes watching her, taking in her beautiful composed form.

Closing her eyes, she sat on the window but got up as soon as she heard a gun shot followed by shout and emerging hustle bustle

She watched as a man in black, ran out of the house quietly and sneakily.Bringing her brows together, showing confusion but later widened her eyes as she heard the door of her room break down and a crowd emerged in.

There he was. the cause of her irregular thumping of heart, her jaan-e-dushman,someone who had her heart wrapped around his pinky.Yazan Ahmed Alif

The 4th generation heir of Alif gharana, from the enemy clan of her baba jaan but she couldn’t stop the crimson hues, the shivering eyes, the no-emotion eyes which had her wrapped around them, always! Inshallah!!

But right now all she saw was fury rounding them, eyes red as if he had cried, paining her already scared heart, this enmity had bought her torment. Torment for loving him.

“malika-e-jahan yahan baithe aaram kar rahi hain hamare waldain khatm hone ka jashn manate” (Queen of the world is sitting here leisurely and there my guardians got killed)Dragging her out, her dupatta flowing off from her chest in the process.

Walking down the stairs, what she saw had horrified her.Her father and brother were laying down on the floor, blood coming from the chests and stomach

“dekhlo malika-e-jahan tumne Alif ko khatm kiya ab tumahri baari”(See! You finished Alif now it’s your turn!)


and that was how..it all started

Life is so unpredictable sometimes, one flower blooms after so much difficulty but it takes no time for it to wither. For the seasons were eternal, one moment it was spring and the it was when all the tress have worn out their leaves.

For Haya this was the end of all her hopes, crushed under the feet of the man she once imagined to be with, despite the differences in them, despite the harshness in his eyes, of the beautiful future she had dreamt of.

Hollow eyes, chest heaving up and down, thrown on the floor amongst the scattered glass pieces and emotionless eyes dangerously staring at her fragile form.

It was for a moment, Yazan Ahmed Alif wanted to protect this fragile beauty, hide her in his arms, but not anymore.Her family had caused him harm and she had to pay for it.

She had to go through the pain he went through, she had to! His heart eyes long gone.

Whimpering and cold pale body was all he was staring at from half an hour now.

Standing up he roared for an order as a servant came, he whispered something and sent him back and sitting there staring at the heaving beauty

Suddenly the glass in his hands was clutched, blood mixing up with the expensive red wine, dripping blood was all she stared at

Throwing the broken glass beside her, in the process hurting her foot, blood oozing out the pierce, but he cared less

“taiyyar ho jau malika, bohot jee li kambakht nakaam zindagi tumne” saying he slammed the door loudly moving out of the room

While she just stared at the now closed door deep in thoughts

that was the last straw of her ever considering herself of loving him, of tormenting herself in his love.

there was no going back and she knew it.

ye unki mohabbat mein uski aziyat thi or usne sehen ki ye jaante hue ke isme vo barbaad ho chuki thi


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